The information on this page, combined with the information on the Cost estimation page, helps you to anticipate fairly accurately the cost of the services you intend to order. To calculate the final cost of a translation, copy your text in the window on the page Cost calculation. If your order is an emergency, modify the number of days allowed for the translation; the cost will change accordingly.

I. Translation

I.1. General text

I.1.i. For translation from/into major languages, for maximum 8 pages/working day (8 hours), the standard fee is 25 lei/page to translate.

I.1.ii. 20% is added to the standard fee for maximum two excess pages per day or working hours outside the agency’s opening hours.

I.1.iii. For each page exceeding the limit of 10 pages/day, the fee is 50 lei.

I.1.iv. For translation from/into minor languages, the average fee is 50 lei/page to translate.

I.2. Notarial translation

I.2.i. For personal documents (identity cards, passports, residence permits, criminal records, driving licences, birth/marriage/death certificates, etc.), the fee is 25 lei/document.

I.2.ii. For diplomas or competence certificates, the fee is 50 lei/document.


  • For the translation of general text, an advance of 50% of the estimated cost is requested.
  • For notarial translation, the client needs to make a deposit with the agency for the authentication of each document, and to pay the fee for translation work in advance, as this has to be mentioned in the certificate of acknowledgment.
  • The flat fee for authentication is 40 lei/document.

II. Interpretation

II.1. For interpretation in major languages, the Fees are:

II.1.i. 1 – 4 hours of activity – 75 lei/hour

II.1.ii. 4 – 8 hours of activity – 100 lei/hour

II.2. For interpretation in minor languages, 50% is added to the above Fees.

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