Between 2006 and 2008, Intermundia cooperated with the Department for Tourism, Commerce and Services of the County Council of Constanța to produce a number of local tourist information and promotion brochures.

In the first stage of the partnership, the text of the tourist brochures “Archaeological Sites of Constanța County” and “Churches and Monasteries in Constanța County” was reviewed and up-dated in co-operation with historians from the local Museum of National History and Archaeology of Constanța. The text was subsequently translated into English, French and Russian.

In the following year, Intermundia and the County Council of Constanța decided to create a number of brochures in foreign languages, aimed at presenting and promoting the tourist attractions of the Romanian coast and of the county of Constanța. The project spanned a period of almost two years and involved – beside Romanian specialists – French, English, German and Russian specialists familiar with the local environment and life-style, as well as with the tourist potential of the region.

Two sets of tourist brochures resulted, under the titles of “Discovering Coastal România“, and “Exploring Coastal Romania” respectively. Each set consists of separate brochures in English, French, German and Russian. The first set is designed to help tour operators promote local tourism at national and international fairs, through tour agencies at Home or abroad. The second set is a tool for the arrivals on the coast. It contains useful information concerning means of transport (local and county route maps), accommodation, local cuisine, cultural, sports and entertainment opportunities, museum opening hours etc. The maps in the brochures were created by cartographers from the Faculty of Natural Science and Agricultural Science of the Ovidius University of Constanța.

The presentation of the region and of its tourist attractions includes pictures and original texts by the foreign side of the team, which reflects their genuine impressions and opinions while eliminating the risk of nationalistic overtones in the presentation and the artificial flavour of translated text.

Over the last period of the partnership with the County Council of Constanța, Intermundia’s Translators revised the legend and accompanying text for the tourist maps of the coast, of the city and county of Constanța.

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