A proper presentation of the company’s profile and services in a multilingual environment is crucial to international success. Therefore, any Advertising material must look good, sound good and make a good impression.

Unfortunately, too many Advertising texts contain spelling and punctuation mistakes, suffer from bad choice of words, or from lack of logic and euphony. This is why we decided to offer text creation, editing and processing services, apart from translation of Advertising text from/into major languages – English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Russian. On the page Partnerships, you can find links to some touristic brochures whose text was created, revised, edited and/or translated by Intermundia.

The following Advertising materials are usually the object of editing and/or translation: posters, leaflets, folders, brochures, catalogues, menus, visiting cards, calendars, notepads, magazines, logos, badges, headers, invitation or congratulation cards, video/radio spots etc.

Website localization, editing, translation and lifting

Website localization is the process of converting the content and design of a website to the linguistic and cultural specifics of foreign markets. More than words and sentences, we translate the general tone and key messages of a website, while adapting it to the cultural environment of the target market. We may also recommend the replacement of some images, where we consider it necessary.

Why is it important to localize your website?

  • More than half of the Google searches are conducted in languages other than English. More than a third of these searches are conducted in an European language, other than English.
  • Visitors spend much more time and become far more interested in buying if the information of the website is presented in their mother-tongue.
  • A website translated into English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese is available for 93% of Internet users.

Localizing your website is the only way to benefit from the boom of Internet business!

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