Legal translation

The translation of documents in view of authentication may only be performed by authorized Translators. The original document, sealed and signed by the relevant authorities, must be shown alongside the authorized translation for authentication. The certificate of acknowledgment includes the registration date and number of the client’s application for translation, the translator’s statement regarding the number of pages to translate and of translated pages, the fee charged for the translation work and the date and number of the fiscal document of payment.

Here is the document list for Legal translation:

personal documents (identity cards, passports, residence permits, driving licences, criminal records, birth/marriage/death certificates etc.);

diplomas, competence certificates;

– any other type of document which lends itself to notarial authentication.

It is advisable to order the translation at least 24h before the time of authentication, as notaries public are only open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Also remember that, in general, notaries public are closed during official holidays.

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